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Posts Tagged: Industry Snapshots

The Search Monitor releases PPC Benchmark Guide for Q2 2015

It’s finally here!

We’re happy to release the PPC Benchmark Guide for Search Marketers with benchmark data for Q2 2015. This release follows our guides for Q4 2014 and Q1 2015, by the way, in case you need historical performance indicators.

ppc-benchmark-guide-the-search-monitorThis free guide provides search advertisers with:

22 helpful tools for search and affiliate marketers

Search marketing resources from the Search MonitorLet us make your job a whole lot easier!

The Search Monitor has just doubled the size of its resource gallery for search and affiliate marketers.

Travel Advertisers: A better way to use search marketing benchmarks

SearchEngineLand-logoBenchmarks have always been a hot topic in the world of PPC measurement. After all, it’s often left up to the marketer to choose the benchmarks that will be used to evaluate their performance. In some respects, it’s like letting an Olympic athlete decide how they will be scored after they’re done competing.

Using data from The Search Monitor, a new Search Engine Land article by Lori Weiman shows travel advertisers exactly which PPC benchmarks they should use to effectively evaluate and improve their performance.

SEM Industry Snapshot For Auto Advertisers: Repairs vs. Parts

This week, The Search Monitor was curious how automotive advertisers were performing in the world of PPC. We pointed our competitive ad monitoring software at two big automotive sub-verticals—vehicle repair companies and vehicle parts and accessories—and compared them in terms of 5 key PPC performance metrics :

  • Ad Share
  • Number of Competitors
  • Cost Per Click
  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Ad Rank

These essential metrics tell an advertiser where they need to focus to improve performance. They also help a search marketing manager defend their current spend decisions, and often, justify requests for increased spending or resources.

Travel SEM Snapshot: How does Cruise Direct dominate desktop and mobile searches?

This week’s SEM industry snapshot looks at the cruising sub-sector of our Travel vertical and the popular cruising search term ‘cruise booking’. We wanted to compare how three different leading cruise advertisers—Cruise Direct, Onboard, and Seabourn—scored in terms of market share on this term

[ This is our third SEM industry snapshot to focus on market share trends. Check out our other ones on luxury retail and automotive.]

Automotive SEM Snapshot: How can and catch

This week we focused our vertical analysis on Automotive and specifically the world of used vehicle advertising. In particular, we looked at the non-manufacturer sites that aggregate listings from multiple vehicle makes and help shoppers find their perfect car.

While past automotive analyses have compared clicks versus spend for different vertical leaders, we chose to investigate trends in PPC market share during November.

Luxury Retail SEM Snapshot: How did Bric gain market share vs. Tumi?

This week we return to analyzing the SEM behaviors of luxury retail advertisers. It’s both gift-buying and travel season, so we focused on market share trends over the past 12 months in our Luggage sub-vertical.

(If you missed our previous Retail SEM snapshot, check out “Why did Marc Jacobs & YSL pay so much for clicks?” as well as our other posts on Retail SEM activity.)

Telecom SEM Snapshot: What do Cricket & T-Mobile spend for their clicks?

This week’s Industry SEM Snapshot focuses on telecom, and specifically on our Mobile Phone and Accessories sub-vertical. We looked at click and spend data for this sub-vertical during September to see if any advertisers were paying too much or too little for their clicks.

We first looked at the two big spenders (AT&T and Verizon Wireless) but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in their CPCs – – -the advertiser that spent more received more clicks.

Travel SEM Snapshot: What do leading online travel agencies pay for their clicks?

It’s that time of year again when the cold weather approaches and consumers turn to travel comparison sites to plan their winter escape. It’s also the perfect time to see how top-tier advertisers in this competitive space compare in terms of clicks and spend.

Since some of the comparison sites are stronger in lodging versus airfare versus car rental, we decided to focus specifically on keywords for hotels, motels, and resorts. We looked at five top-sending online travel agencies (OTAs) for these keywords and discovered interesting relationships between what they spent for clicks.

Auto SEM Snapshot: How did Buick spend less for clicks than similar advertisers?

This week’s SEM snapshot looks at the high-spending world of automotive advertising. While we could have looked at third-party sites such as and, both of whom outspend most auto manufacturers, we focused on the brands instead.

We started our investigation by plotting total clicks and spend. Note: This is the same analysis that we did for our recent snapshots for insurance (Esurance vs. Farmers) and luxury retail (Marc Jacobs vs. YSL).  In particular, we looked at 7 brands whose spending fell in close line with each other and made for an interesting comparison.

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