Monitor display ads on websites and in-app mobile

See which publishers and ad networks your competitors use

Display Ad Monitoring

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  • Monitor desktop banner ads, contextual ads & in-app mobile, from one tool
  • Learn your competitors’ most popular display ads and where they run
  • Get best practices from 150K+ publishers, 60+ ad networks, & 50K+ mobile apps
  • View actual ad creatives and easily share with your team
  • Segment by publisher, advertiser, network, country, etc. to gain insights


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Why trust us for display ad monitoring? Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped advertisers monitor online ads for competitive performance. The Search Monitor’s ad intelligence platform crawls 1.7 millions ads every hour and can automatically alert you to competitive activity on your brand or industry.

The Search Monitor also monitors affiliates, MAP, trademarks, content (e.g., landing pages and blogs), and hotel ads, and provides competitive ad insights such as market share, ad rank/copy, PPC clicks/spend & Google Shopping.