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Powerful features built for your business

Harness the power to own and protect your market landscape.

Affiliate Protection

Detect affiliate policy violations on paid search

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Brand Protection

Defend against paid search brand infringements by competitors, partners, dealers, & arbitrage sites

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SERP Visibility

Measure your market share vs. all of your competitors on PPC, SEO, and PLA

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SmartCrawler ™ Automation

Monitor brand variation keywords & auto-submit TM violations to engines for take-downs

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Get alerted to new market entrants, offer copy updates, brand infringement threats, & SOV changes

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Customize Crawl Targets

Set crawl options including day parts, engines, devices, frequency, and local geo-targets.

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Affiliate Protection

SmartCrawler™ technology scans brand and brand plus keywords for affiliate bidding activity to detect unauthorized keyword bidding, URL hijacking, unauthorized ad copy, and ranking violations. You can:

  • Measure and quantify violations with SOV & impression share trending
  • Enforce and communicate with your affiliates by using email features
  • Get alerted to violations when they occur
  • View 60,000+ affiliate profiles including threat ratings and historical bidding activity
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Detect Brandviolations
PPC Brand Protection

PPC Brand Protection

Your branded campaigns are often your most profitable PPC campaigns.  To protect against brand conquesting by competitors, partners, dealers, and arbitrage sites (like shopping engines), SmartCrawler technology scans brand, generic, and brand plus keywords for unauthorized brand bidding activity. Protecting your brand is the best way to achieve monster performance out of your CPC campaigns. See how Europcar reduced there PPC costs on branded keywords by 48% and how Avery protected their brand while also lowering overall campaign costs by 51%. Key features include:

  • Identify unauthorized trademark and typos use by competitors & arbitrage sites in ad copy
  • Flag partners and dealers advertising on your brand names, ranking too high, or advertising in unauthorized local markets
  • Automatically submit trademark infringements to search engines for take-downs
  • Enforce and communicate with partners and dealers using our email features
  • Get alerted to violations when they occur
  • Measure and quantify infringements with SOV stats & impression share trending
  • Measure and trend search engine trademark complaints and successful take-downs
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SERP Visibility

SERP Visibility analyzes paid search, SEO, and shopping listings together in a singular view. Each advertiser and keyword are scored using our proprietary Search Marketing Visibility Score™ taking into account all 3 page elements. The SMVS score allows you to: (1) identify keywords that need more resources; (2) determine where to focus PPC, SEO, or PLA efforts; and (3) to quickly quantify strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns and compare yourself to the competition. Key features include:

  • Measurable stats including page share, SOV, impressions, clicks, and ad spend for each page element: paid, organic, shopping, & hotel listings.
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score™ assigned to each advertiser and keyword
  • Granular data viewable across keyword groups or individual keywords
  • Market share changes emailed to you via SmartAlerts
  • Visibility graphs to trend paid, organic, and shopping in one view
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Serp Share
Trademark Submissions

SmartCrawler Automation

The Search Monitor’s SmartCrawler™ Technology adapts to the market as it evolves with neural learning to auto-generate keywords customized to your needs. With SmartCrawler™ you can:

  • Auto-generate relevant keywords using AI and neural learning
  • Discover new keywords to monitor
  • Automate surveillance of brand and brand plus keywords
  • Compete better based on competitive data
  • Deep dive analysis into popular words and structures used by competitors in ad copy
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Find out what is happening in your market before your competitors do.  SmartAlerts sends emails to your distribution list to notify you about:

  • New market entrants – new competitors
  • New offer copy
  • Trademark and affiliate violations
  • Market share fluctuations that affect your campaigns and your competitors
  • Customizable alerts will alert you based on rules that you define
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Customizable Targeting

Discover “local” competitors and protect your brand in the cities and regions that matter most to your business. The Search Monitor’s platform allows for incredible customization of your monitoring data. You can customize the crawler to monitor exactly what you want by setting:

  • Keywords examined include custom terms developed for you and industry historical data from Lighthouse.
  • Locations (ZIP, city, state, region, country)
  • Search Engines
  • Devices (mobile & desktop)
  • Languages
  • Day parts including hours and days of the week
  • Daily Crawl Frequency
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Our Clients

The brands we work with trust our team of in-house experts who support and
innovate to meet their unique brand protection needs.

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Here's Why the Biggest Brands Prefer the
Search Monitor for Shopping Insights

The Search Monitor has been helping advertisers monitor online ads for compliance violations since 2008. The brands we work with know that we not only have the most powerful and customizable compliance monitoring platform, but also a team of in-house experts ready to support and innovate with each of our partners to make sure our platform meets their brand’s unique needs.

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