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Ad Monitoring Case Studies

View the client case studies below to see how we can help your business.

Europcar Reduces PPC Costs on Branded Keywords by 48%

Europcar competitors and partners were bidding on their trademark and branded keywords. Having campaigns in multiple countries and trying to monitor was an endless task that wasn’t producing the results they were looking for.

After months of monitoring for violations, Performics worked with Europcar’s legal team and Google’s compliance team to reduce the number of competitors and partners bidding across Europcar’s brands.

Read the full case study.

Avery Office Supplies Protects Their Brand and Lowers Campaign Costs by 51%

Despite their best efforts, one particular competitor kept violating Avery’s trademark policies.  No matter how many times violations were submitted to the engines, the competitor would appear with new ad copy that featured “Avery” prominently in their headlines.

Armed with a litany of reports from the Search Monitor, Avery issued a Cease and Desist Letter, with which they immediately complied. Their ads have not been in violation of Avery’s trademark since.

Read the full case study to see the impacts on Avery’s bottom line.

How Higher Education Advertisers Use The Search Monitor

Work in the higher-education industry and looking for competitive advertising insights? One of our higher-education clients, Fathom Advertising, wrote about how they used our search monitoring tool to run intelligence reports on their trademarks, market share, ad rank, and ad copy, and then how they used the data to make better advertising decisions.

Read more

Overcoming Unique Challenges Facing Insurance Advertisers

In general, ad monitoring in the insurance vertical faces many challenges not present in other verticals:

  • Higher CPCs and monthly ad budgets. Top-tier advertisers can pay more than $50 for CPCs, for example
  • A smaller concentration of top-tier names versus verticals such as food or retail with greater competition
  • Strict FTC regulations about what they can promise and what they must reveal in their ad copy

How Lighthouse Helps Financial Aid Companies

We recently sat down with one of our financial aid clients who started using our industry-focused Lighthouse product. We asked him three questions about the data he uses, what it tells him, and how it has impacted his business.

Apparel Advertiser Gains Competitive Edge Using Ad Monitoring Data

Using The Search Monitor data, the agency received an incredibly clear picture of the search landscape in terms of the number of competitors, competitor offers, and other trends and behaviors of their competitive set.

Affiliate Compliance and Competitive Intelligence for The Telecom Industry

Our client’s main challenge was affiliate compliance on a specific set of keywords: their top performers. In addition to affiliate compliance, our client needed insight into trademark compliance along with help streamlining the manual submission process they used for each engine to have the ads removed. Lastly, our client wanted to gain insight into their competitive space. Specifically, they wanted to know where their competition appeared on their terms and what types of messaging they were using.


Looking for a specific case study not included above? We have worked with thousands of brand advertisers and agencies since 2008 and will be happy to tell you what we’ve learned. Contact us for more information.

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