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Geo-targeting from any ZIP, city, state or country in the world, and in any language. Learn more »

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Get alerted when marketing partners break the rules or new ad opportunities arise. Learn more »

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Automated templates allow you to quickly report violations to the search engine. Learn more »

Hourly Crawling

Crawl web pages as often as hourly to catch every violation & advertising insight. Learn more »

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Enter your keywords or access 1,200 + keyword groups from our Lighthouse library. Learn more »

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Monitor ads shown on desktops and mobile devices, including in-app mobile. Learn more »


From Happy Clients

We believe in the power of competitive intelligence and we're excited to partner with TheSearchMonitor to bring a robust solution to our clients.
- House of Kaizen, a digital performance marketing agency
When we started using The Search Monitor, we envisioned it as a nice add-on. We were surprised when it rose to a critical component of our offerings - it is now a Must Have.
- Booyah! Advertising, a digital agency

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    April 28, 2017

    Search marketers are trained to constantly focus on optimizing their campaigns. However, savvy marketers schedule time to lift their heads up from the trees of their campaigns and study the forest of their competitors actions. Imagine if you knew the answers to… Read more »