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Gain insight on sponsored listings & PLAs worldwide, on 9+ search engines, across 1,200+ verticals. Configurable geo-targeting by country, region, or city.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • SOV, rank, reach & impressions
  • Ad copy & most popular offers
  • Ad spend stats via  Lighthouse Logo
  • Filter by keyword, competitor, or vertical


See the organic listings that appear in the universal search results--local, travel, shopping, blog, news, video--exactly as customers see it.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • Rank and page share stats
  • Listing content and section position
  • Unlimited competitors & URLs
  • Vertical stats via  Lighthouse Logo


Monitor rank, pricing, shipping offers, item descriptions, reviews, and more for multiple comparison shopping engines worldwide.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • Ad rank & product price
  • Shopper reviews & ratings
  • Popular shipping offers
  • Seller details


Detect violations by affiliates and resellers on search engines, landing pages, & social media. Recruit new partners to grow your business using profile data.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • Keyword brand bidding & URL hijacks
  • Ad copy & page rank violations on search
  • Profiles on 25,000+ affiliates
  • Coupon & offer monitoring


Monitor appearances of your trademark across multiple search engines worldwide. Get the tools needed to take action against abusers quickly and easily.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • Sites bidding on trademarked keywords
  • Sites using TMs in ad copy & URLs


Keep a close eye on the top-performing display ads from competitors and industry leaders across 60+ networks, 50,000+ mobile apps, and over 100,000 publishers.

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Customized reports & automatic alerts on:

  • Advertiser stats on creatives & placement
  • Publisher stats on ad networks & advertisers


Get advertising data, performance benchmarks, and affiliate activity for more than 1,200 industries. We've got you covered!

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We monitor 1,200 industries & specialize in:

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Travel
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Education


The Map Compliance service lets manufacturers & retailers monitor how their Minimum Advertised Prices appear on shopping engines & find reseller violations

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We monitor minimum advertised prices to:

  • Detect violations by re-sellers
  • Find and halt unauthorized re-sellers
  • Monitor your competitors’ prices


From Happy Clients

NETexponent believes in the power of competitive intelligence and we're excited to partner with TheSearchMonitor to bring a robust solution to our clients.
- NETexponent, an affiliate and search agency
When we started using The Search Monitor, we envisioned it as a nice add-on. We were surprised when it rose to a critical component of our offerings - it is now a Must Have.
- Booyah! Advertising, a digital agency

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