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Manufacturing Expertise

Manufacturers with direct-to-consumer strategies need ad intelligence & brand/MAP protection.


  • Monitored Media:  SEM, SEO, Landing Pages, and Display Ads on Mobile & Desktop.
  • Frequent Monitoring:  Hourly crawling & real-time alerts are available via web, API, or email.
  • Report Granularity:  Data segmented by unlimited competitors, keywords, or in keyword groups.

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Map Compliance for Manufacturing

MAP Compliance monitors shopping engines to ensure that retailers adhere to MAP rules for each product.

  • Shopping Engines Monitored.  Includes Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, PLA’s, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber, and others.  View List.
  • MAP.  Detect when resellers advertise prices that are below MAP.
  • Unauthorized Resellers.  Detect unauthorized resellers.
  • Alerts.  Get email alerts for MAP and reseller violations.
  • How it Works:
    • Manufacturers provide a list of products, authorized prices, and authorized resellers (optional)
    • Shopping engines are monitored and violations are flagged. See Example

Compliance Monitoring for Manufacturing

Monitor Resellers and Competitors’ paid search ads and landing pages:

  • Trademark Use on Search Engines: Detect use of your trademarks on brand, brand plus keywords, & in ad copy text.  Learn about trademark monitoring.
  • Rank Rules on Paid Search: Enforce co-operative rank bidding rules with resellers and competitors.  Learn about Super Affiliate strategies.
  • Offer Compliance.  Ensure that offers in ad copy text and on landing pages match authorized promotions.

Lighthouse SEM & PLA Intelligence

Lighthouse Logo provides competitive intelligence on Paid, PLAOrganic Search:

  • Cross-Channel Reporting:  Get SEM, PLA, & SEO stats in a single report.
  • Unlimited Competitors: Get reports on all competitors found advertising on your keywords.
  • Rankings: See ranking trends on SEM & PLA listings over time.
  • Market Visibility: Evaluate market share & page share trends.
  • Ad Copy: View copy, landing pages, duration & impression share.
  • SOV.  See SOV as promoted via direct-to-consumer and reseller reach for your products.
  • Spend & Click Metrics:  Get precision ad spend, CPC, clicks & CTR stats. Lighthouse-Logo-Letter-I
  • Ad Spend Accuracy.  Lighthouse Logo  ad spend data is a highly precise predictor of ad spend.  Stats are computed using a mixture of real-time monitored data, click predictions from comScore_Inc  , and search engine computations.  Learn about our precision data.

Offer & Content Monitoring

Our rules engine analyzes offers and compares the offer language against ‘if-then’ logic rules:

  • Paid Search Ad Copy: Ensure correct offer language in paid search ads. Example: Can’t contain ‘free’ and ‘coupon’ together.
  • Landing Page Content: Analyze landing pages for offer copy to ensure correct promo language. Can find and alert you if any string of text is found (ex: wrong slogan or product details)
  • Special Offer Categories:  Auto-tag offers found in paid search ads into categories like free shipping, sales, deals, and free products.
  • Customize Rules:  Create your own rules with must-have language, negative language, and expiration dates using easy rule statements & ‘if-then’ logic. Example: Must contain ‘APR’ and cash back values but can not say ‘mileage.’
  • Publisher Lists:  Provide your own list of publishers or allow the crawlers to auto-detect where offers are running.

Display Monitoring

Get the inside track on your competition’s strategies to plan and buy advertising more efficiently.

  • Ad Creatives:  Get your competitors’ creatives including banner sizes and flash use. Quickly learn what works best.
  • Traffic Sources:  See which publishers and ad networks your competitors use.
  • Vast Reach:  Includes 160,000+ publishers, 65+ banner & contextual ad networks, 15+ countries, & 65,000 mobile apps.  See List.