Compliance Monitoring Overview

Monitor your affiliates, resellers, and competitors

Compliance Monitoring Highlights:

  • Mobile & Desktop Ads:  Monitor search engines, landing pages, and display networks. See full list
  • Frequent Monitoring:  Ads are monitored hourly every day of the year.
  • Alerts:  Automatically get notified of compliance issues via email.
  • Vast Footprint:  Worldwide monitoring, in native  languages, across 9+ search engines and 150,000 publishers.
  • Customizable Rules:  Customize detection rules to fit your program. Choose our pre-set rules or your own.
  • 25,000 Profiles:  Get risk profiles on over 25,000 affiliates, store contacts and notes.
  • SmartCrawler™:  SmartCrawler is our unique crawl engine that auto-adds new keywords to your monitoring campaigns and adjusts the crawl rate based on detected violations.

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Configurable Geo Settings

You configure crawling the way that you want it:

  • Select from 166 countries and 150+ languages
  • Select nationwide or individual cities and regions

If your business is local, you will need configurable geography settings.

Fire off Complaints

Submit complaints to search engines, competitors, and affiliates using:

  • Screenshots:  Date/time stamped screenshots.
  • Alerts:  Configure daily, weekly, or monthly alerts.
  • Compliance Emails:  Auto-populate your email addresses.
  • Complaint History:  Easily access complaints from a simple report.
  • Email Templates:  Design and store email templates for future use.

Why Should You Monitor?

It’s more expensive not to monitor! Consider these stats from our data:

  • 12% of your clicks are lost to competitors who advertise on your branded search keywords
  • CPCs are 10x higher on branded terms now than they were 4 years ago due to competition
  • 72% of affiliates comply but the remaining 28% do not. Many knowingly practice affiliate fraud
  • The new world of mobile in-app ads is still the wild west. Your partners are driving business through this channel un-watched
  • Retailers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars when publishers promote expired promo codes.


We’re there for you when you need help with the tools or data.

  • Take advantage of set-up resources when you first begin
  • Access our Help Center including how-to videos, FAQs, and other training materials
  • Contact us via phone, email or live chat