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What are search remarketing ads?

RLSA-logo-google-The-Search-monitorSearch remarketing ads, often referred to as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), allow advertisers to run a different AdWords campaign to people who previously visited their site.

Advertisers can treat this valuable group differently than other searchers by adjusting their bids, ad copy, landing pages, and other campaign details.

Why should you monitor search remarketing?

Your partners have realized that search remarketing ads represent an attractive opportunity to violate your program rules since they can speak to high-converting audiences in a way that is very difficult to detect.

They can bid on restricted keywords, violate ranking restrictions, use trademarks and other off-limits terms in their ad copy, and even display the advertiser’s URL to increase clicks (URL hijacking).

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No ad monitoring tool currently available can detect this activity. Until now.

How do you detect trademark violations in search remarketing?

The Search Monitor’s ad crawling technology gets itself added to an advertiser’s remarketing list. It then places a search to trigger the remarketed ad. Lastly, it captures all ads on the page, checks for any pre-programmed violations, and notifies users if violations are found.

Users provide a list of advertisers to be monitored and the technology automates both detection and reporting, and facilitates the process of notifying advertisers and engines of violations. It performs these steps on a city and country level, for desktop and mobile, and across search engines in every country.

How can I learn more about monitoring search remarketing?

We’re happy to show you how it works and run a few reports on your affiliates, partners, and re-sellers. While most advertisers play by the rules, many just want to increase their own revenue at the expense of their advertisers. We can help!

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Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped affiliate managers, affiliate networks, and legal departments monitor their partner activity for compliance issues such as affiliate violations, URL hijacking/direct linking, restricted ranks/keywords, MAP compliance, and hotel price parity.

We also monitor trademarks, MAP compliance, online content such as landing pages/blogs/email, offers, hotel ads, and provide competitive insights including market share, ad rank/copy, PPC clicks/spend & Google Shopping.