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  • Customized Keywords.  Use your own list or our  Lighthouse Logo  library organized into 1,200+ verticals.
  • Geo-Targeting: Configure the country, region, and or city worldwide across 9+ search engines. See full list
  • Mobile Coverage: Monitor listings on Google Mobile and Bing Mobile
  • Frequent Monitoring:  Daily crawling & fast report updates
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score: Industry’s first holistic view of a company’s search presence. Learn More


Unlimited reporting on all competitors and affiliates listed within universal search results on your keywords.

  • Competitors: Learn about any competitor found on your keywords.
  • Keywords:  Upload your own list or use  Lighthouse Logo  to uncover trends in your vertical. Learn more below.
  • Universal Search Results:  Get data on organic, local, shopping, news, hotel finder, and more.
  • Rankings: See ranking trends on organic listings over time.
  • Market Visibility: Easily evaluate & compare market share trends.
  • Listing Copy: Get Listing copy & landing URLs for every competitor.
  • Cross-Channel Reporting:  SEM, SEO, & PLA in a single report.
  • Compliance Monitoring: All packages come with compliance monitoring to track brand use & affiliate activity.
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score: Grade your total-page search presence & get recommendations on where to spend next dollar.


Platform feature include:

  • Custom Reports & Charts:  Use pre-defined reports or build your own.  Use simple filters or build your own ‘if-then’ logic.
  • Granular Data: Segment by vertical, groups of keywords, keyword, and competitors, or down to the hour and date of the crawl.
  • Geo-targeting:  Configure the country, region, and or city. Available worldwide across 9+ search engines. See full list
  • Alerts & Scheduling:  Create custom alerts and then design and save your own email templates.  Email reports to anyone.
  • Hot Competitors:  Create custom groups to categorize advertisers, including top competitors, OTAs, or CSEs.
  • Compliance Monitoring:  All packages come with compliance monitoring to track brand bidding & affiliate activity.  Learn more.


Lighthouse is a vertical library of historical paid & organic search data.

  • 1,200+ Verticals:  See paid & organic search data grouped by vertical. See full list
  • Organic Statistics:  View universal search results for Google and Bing including rank and page share.
  • Custom Indexes:  Develop indexes across verticals to benchmark performance against similar advertisers.
  • Historical Data:  Get historical data starting from July 2013.
  • Note on Pre & Post Click Data:  Precision statistics are created by the marriage of pre-click data (crawled data from The Search Monitor) with post-click data (audience traffic data).  Learn More About precision data and pre/post click data.


Monitor how listings from competitors and partners appear on mobile devices and learn their copy and geo-targeting secrets. Find out how many mobile visitors they drive to their sites.

Then, use to justify greater investment into mobile SEO.

Mobile coverage includes:

  • Google’s Mobile Network
  • Bing’s Mobile Network
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