Ad Monitoring For Demanding Agencies

Impress clients & win new business with agency ad monitoring.


  • Enterprise-Level Precision:  Get actionable insights about your clients from highest quality data in industry.
  • Single Platform:  Single access for Competitive Insights and Compliance Monitoring tools.
  • Business Development Tools:  Boost sales with prospecting, lead scoring, and presentation data.
  • Private Label:  White-label our solution to replace an in-house system or start fresh.
  • Easy Admin Features:  Full-service onboarding & training, easy login, and simple data export.
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Designed For Agencies

Ad monitoring built with agency needs in mind.

  • Full-Service Support:  Receive onboarding and ongoing support via phone, email, chat, videos, best practice guides, and webinars.
  • Easy Login:  Limit your staff’s access to relevant clients for data privacy. or provide clients with direct login access.
  • Simple Export:  Get data via web reports, Excel export/plugin, API, or FTP.  Schedule reports & email to anyone!
  • Multi-Client Reporting:  Gain efficiencies by running reports across multiple clients at once.
  • Customized Billing:  Aggregate usage across clients to qualify for better-tiered rates or get separate bills per client as needed.

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