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Increase ad revenue by quickly identifying and reporting costly violations

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Compliance Monitoring Highlights:

  • Paid Search Detection:
    –    Brand & brand-plus violations
    –    Direct-linking violations
    –    Partner rank violations
  • Offer Monitoring:  Finds new and expired offers
  • Content Monitoring:  Monitor landing pages, blogs & email
  • MAP Monitoring: Monitor shopping engines for prices and sellers
  • Hotel Price Parity: Monitor hotel engines for OTA price parity
  • Affiliate Profiles:  35,000+ profiles with merchant affiliations
  • Geo-monitoring across all major search engines (97% of web traffic!) globe

url hijacking threat levels

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Why trust us for affiliate monitoring?

We've been trusted by the largest brands since 2008

Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped brand managers, affiliate managers, affiliate networks, and legal departments monitor their partner activity for compliance issues such as trademark and affiliate violations, unauthorized resellers,URL hijacking/direct linking, restricted ranks/keywords, MAP compliance, and hotel price parity.

We also provide competitive insights including market share, ad rank/copy, PPC spend, SEO & Google Shopping.