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Telecom Case Study: How Ad Monitoring Helps SEM Advertisers

Agencies, Telecom

Client & Vertical Background

TELECOM The Search Monitor's client is a leading advertising agency focusing on digital marketing. The agency's client is a leading provider of cable and Internet services that sells direct-to-consumer as well as through retailers across the US. SEM in the world of telecom faces a few distinct challenges from other verticals. For example, telecom advertisers need to worry about the following:
  • The vertical is made up of many different sub-sectors such as cable, Internet, mobile, satellite, and related services. Each has a distinct set of competitors, ad copy, offers, and search behaviors
  • Most larger telecom companies rely heavily on affiliates and/or branded re-sellers to dominate select markets. The complex relationship needs close monitoring to detect unauthorized keyword bidding or trademark usage
  • Offers are key to influencing a shopper's decision. Telecom advertisers need to closely monitor what their competitors are advertising

Ad Monitoring Challenge

Search monitor ad monitoring case study - challenge Our client's main challenge was affiliate compliance on a specific set of keywords: their top performers. They monitored two keyword sets: 1) terms that affiliates are restricted from buying, and 2) terms that affiliates must be ranked lower on than the client. In addition to affiliate compliance, our client needed insight into trademark compliance after finding an abundance of trademark misuse in the engines. For these abuses, they also needed help streamlining the manual submission process they used for each engine to have the ads removed. Lastly, our client wanted to gain insight into their competitive space. Specifically, they wanted to know where their competition appeared on their terms and what types of messaging they were using.

Data Used From The Search Monitor

the search monitor analyze

Compliance Reports

Our client uses three daily compliance reports per affiliate to monitor hourly and look at average rank, times seen, and all available screen grabs of each violation. Among other things, this lets them to gauge the performance when conducting a bid drop on these terms. Then, they look at how many violations are occurring in conjunction with their CPCs and use the data to estimate potential savings.

Competitive Reports

Our client uses two daily competitive reports: one for direct competitors (designated by their client), and one for all other domains that appear on the agency's designated terms. They use these reports to look at Times Seen, keyword usage in the URL Path, Average Rank, and all available screen grabs. They combine this data with that of Google and Bing's auction insights to confirm the ad frequency seen.

Trademark Reports

Our client also uses two ad-hoc trademark reports. One is used to flag trademark use by unauthorized advertisers. The other report flags affiliates who are using the trademark symbol next to one of their trademark terms in their ad copy. Our client's agreement with their affiliates state that partners cannot use misleading trademarks in ad copy claiming to be the official site.

Other Uses of TSM Data

In addition to the previously mentioned reports, our client uses our platform to closely monitor the overall landscape for their ads. They closely monitor the SEO SERP landscape on their main competitive brand terms as well as using an Alert Report to list how often their ad was seen on their top blocked terms. This last report helps them ensure that their ads are always running on all engines. Finally, our client takes advantage of our data export features to load and store TSM data in their proprietary data center. This allows them to manipulate and populate charts in an automated manner. They store their TSM Alert Reports in a similar fashion which helps them pinpoint why certain ads do not appear for top terms, and the specific DMAs where they do not appear.

Ad Monitoring Results

thumbs-up-icon"We’ve seen exponential savings when implementing the compliance monitoring for the affiliate partners. TSM allowed us to have a more accurate view of how often our affiliates were violating and ultimately driving up our cost. By providing these reports, the affiliates are held more accountable and remain at a lower level of violation." "The competitive reports have provided deep insights into the trends we see where our competitors are conquesting on our terms or even just appearing on our terms broadly. We use maps to determine what areas see the highest volume of competition as well as engine, keyword, and dayparting."

Want To Learn More?

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