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Hotel Price Parity Compliance

Monitor Google’s Hotel Results For OTA Compliance


  • Monitors Google’s hotel listings globally
  • Captures room rates, copy, offers, share-of-voice & average rank
  • Identifies out-of-parity rates and flags them for review
  • Analyzes ads by city, brand name, and star rating
  • Provides time/date-stamped screenshot of ads

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Example of Hotel Price Parity Data

Example of hotel price parity data


Tools For Property Owners

The new service provides property owners with much-needed visibility into Google’s hotel listings. Property Owners can:

  • Run reports for a specific keyword, city, brand, and star-rating
  • See rates for the same property across different sellers’ websites
  • Quickly see which OTAs are out of price parity compliance
  • Contact OTAs with proof of non-compliance (e.g., date-stamped screenshots)

Tools For Online Travel Agents

The new service also provides a valuable compliance tool for the OTAs. They can:

  • Run frequent reports of their different room rates by brand or city
  • Send proof-of-compliance to each property owner
  • Receive alerts when their room rates fall out of parity