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The Search Monitor’s New Release: Ad Extension Monitoring for AdWords Paid Search Ads

Agencies, Automotive, Education, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Travel
ad extension google adwords
Ad-extension-monitoring-the-search-monitor Ad extension monitoring shows marketers exactly how their competitors, partners, and industry leaders use Google’s highly effective ad extensions. ORLANDO, FL - The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released ad extension monitoring for Google Adwords’ paid search ads. Company officials shared how it’s become a search marketing necessity for marketers to tweak and improve their ad extensions so their ads are more noticeable in a crowded search landscape. More attention on an ad is strongly correlated with more clicks. There are compliance issues with ad extensions as well, since advertisers can commit trademark or affiliate violations in the call-out text sections. The Search Monitor’s new ad extension monitoring features reports on all 12 available ad extensions. These include call outs, site links, phone numbers, social media statistics, locations, and other popular extensions.

ad extension google adwordsAd Extension Examples

  • Call-outs:  'Free Shipping', '24/7 quotes', 'Same-day delivery'
  • Sitelinks:  Use to highlight pages, sign-up forms, blogs, etc.
  • Ratings & Reviews:  'Selection: 8.5/10, Service: 9.5/10'
  • Social Media Stats:  Company has 1,356 followers on Google+
  • Store Info:  Address, phone, hours, 'Open Today', etc.
Marketers can generate reports by competitor to gain insights into the promotional offers contained in call-outs and site links, as well as the effectiveness, reach, and popularity of various ad extensions in a marketer’s vertical. Ad extension monitoring uses The Search Monitor’s ad monitoring platform to capture ad copy text plus the ad extension information, along with the keyword triggering the ad, the advertiser’s display and destination URLs, the landing page, and a time-stamped screenshot of the search results page. The insights help users add new extensions to their ads or increase the competitiveness of their current ad extensions. “Ad extensions are a window into a competitor’s strategy and positioning,” explained Lori Weiman, The Search Monitor’s CEO. “Imagine seeing which sitelinks they think are important, which call-out offers they highlight, whether they drive traffic to a physical store or a download page, how good their seller ratings are, and even how many people follow them on social media. It’s indispensable intelligence that leads to more clicks.”

Seeing Extension Data For Competitors & Affiliates

Want to see how competitors and affiliates use their ad extensions to generate clicks? Contact us with a few advertisers and we'll show you how they advertise. Or request a demo below. Your AdWords campaigns will thank you. [demobutton] The Search Monitor's clients can contact their Account Representative to learn more.