The Search Monitor announces new enhancements to Content Monitoring Service

October 27, 2015

Affiliate Managers

The Search Monitor announces new features for content monitoring service.

ORLANDO, FL – The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today announced that it has enhanced its content monitoring service with several new features.

The Search Monitor’s content monitoring service detects text, image links, affiliate links, and source code (like HTML or java script) on web pages and blogs.  Managers of partner channels can use content monitoring to enforce policies such as coupon code distribution, FTC-compliant text, form field publication, scam review sites, images links, restrictions on side-by-side competitor offers, and promotional offer text.

The newly released enhancements include:

  • highlighting page text or source code text for issues found
  • automated pass/fail determinations with fail counts
  • daily re-crawls until issue resolution
  • case management system for managing and organizing issues
  • history logging to track every activity performed

Another enhancement lets users monitor the actual source code of a webpage. This goes beyond simple text-matching and finds image tags, forms, tracking codes, and affiliate links.

The Search Monitor’s CEO, Lori Weiman, elaborated on the benefits of today’s enhancements:

“We have taken content monitoring into the future by automating much of the user’s workload.  The new features let them automatically find and flag issues, push issues into a case management system, and enable simple, quick scans and reviews by affiliate managers.   We have shortened their cycle of tasks from requiring hours to needing just a few minutes.”

Weiman continued:

“Marketers can confirm that affiliates are including FTC-mandated disclaimers with their ads, for example, or that re-sellers do not mention words such as ‘free’ or ‘sale’ alongside their products.”

Marketers are automatically alerted to a violation and then receive time-stamped screenshots—with violations and rules highlighted—so they can take quick action. As an added bonus, the service automatically re-checks a page where a violation has been found until the issue is resolved.

Company officials report that source code tracking and the new case management component to content monitoring are vital to flagging complex content issues and are the first of their kind on the market.

Weiman concluded by adding that “the current way marketers check for online compliance, with Google Alerts or a simple once-a-month monitoring service, is prone to missed violations and false positives, and is an inefficient use of a marketer’s time.”

The Search Monitor’s clients can contact their Account Representative to test out the new features. Other advertisers or agencies should request a demo of the new enhancements or contact us with questions.

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