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Posts Tagged: 3Q Digital

5 best practices for the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) has been poo-poohed by some digital marketers because it’s not as effective at direct response as its AdWords cousin, paid search, and it doesn’t feature the targeting or programmatic buying capabilities of brand-awareness platforms like Facebook or DSPs.

So, should you ignore the GDN? Emphatically: no. If you haven’t had success with the GDN in the past, it might have less to do with the platform and more to do with some campaign-management mistakes. With that in mind, let’s review 5 GDN best practices that can put you on the path to ROI-positive success.

Play Ball! The Search Marketing Field for Baseball Merchandise

With baseball season underway earlier this month, we wanted to dive into our ad monitoring platform to analyze keywords surrounding baseball merchandise. It’s a fun time of year to be a baseball fan, so we were looking for interesting trends in baseball merchandise searches and how advertisers were taking advantage of them.

Our Ad Monitoring Analysis:

Avis vs. Hertz vs. Enterprise: Comparing PPC market visibility in Q1

The-Search-Monitor-Paid-Search-Market-Visibility-Car-RentalsThe car rental business is an incredibly competitive one, especially when it comes to the search engines, where the majority of travelers begin their search for cars.

The Search Monitor was curious how the major car rental companies were changing their market visibility on the search engines in the past three months. This time period was particularly interesting because it covered the build-up to spring break and the important planning season for bigger summer trips.

New Year’s Resolution: Monitor Your Affiliates

Marketers have enough things to worry about these days. Just keeping up with new technology and ad formats is enough to drive most of them crazy. So let me add another worry to their list: the FTC. It’s a sizeable worry (sorry).

In the last two years, the FTC has been very active in identifying companies who are using unfair and deceptive advertising practices and then fining them. We’ve heard of at least 10 different legal cases brought against advertisers since 2012. A particular one in 2012 resulted in an advertiser paying a $1 million fine and being forced to closely monitor its affiliates for future deceptive advertising practices. 

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