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Posts Tagged: Kenshoo

How to transform an SEM agency’s business development person into a rock star

agency business development lighthouse search monitorIf you’re responsible for business development at an SEM agency, it often feels like a perpetually uphill battle against the thousands of other agencies doing search marketing.

What is especially challenging is that these other agencies have virtually the same pitch as yours:

INFOGRAPHIC: How to drive more PPC clicks in the auto industry

Search Monitor Automotive PPC Trends InfographicSearch is an integral part of any car buyer’s purchase process. In fact, 70% of all car shoppers reported using a search engine, even higher than the percentage using the automakers’ websites (65%).

Check out this infographic from Search Monitor client Kenshoo that shows how auto advertisers are responding to the consumer popularity of search ads.

Infographic: Kenshoo uses Search Monitor data on PPC air travel trends

Search Engine Watch Travel Vertical SEM Infographic from Kenshoo - Search Monitor

Kudos to one of our clients, Kenshoo, for producing another extremely insightful infographic on search marketing trends by industry. This time, they used our ad monitoring data to focus on the air travel vertical. (Last time, they produced this great infographic on the Insurance vertical, by the way).


The Search Monitor takes down online advertising fraud ring

Last month, The Search Monitor detected fraudulent PPC ads running on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The fraudsters impersonated more than 300 advertisers on a global scale. The advertisers that were affected by the fraudulent activity spanned across several industries, including leading business in automotive (JC Whitney), furniture (Joss & Main), software (MobiStealth), printing (Tiny Prints), home & garden (Ace Hardware), travel (Booking Buddy), firearms (Brownell’s), and services (Deluxe).

How Did The Fraud Happen?

The fraud was perpetrated through URL Hijacking. URL Hijacking is the practice where the scammer impersonates an advertiser by using the advertiser’s URL as its Display URL in PPC ads, then linking the ads through an unauthorized link such as an affiliate link, a phishing link, or a cookie-stuffing URL.

Top 5 industry insights you can learn using Lighthouse

The feedback we get from our clients is that they love using our new vertical-focused competitive intelligence tool–Lighthouse –to identify helpful insights about their industry, or the industries of their clients. It’s a new approach to competitive intelligence that provides 1,239 verticals and incorporates post-click data from comScore.

So, we thought we’d share this list of the five most popular uses of our Lighthouse data, gathered from clients:

Google Extreme Makeover: AdWords Edition

Google recently held a Live Stream on April 22nd, 2014 viewed by over 20,000 search marketers worldwide and hosted by Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for AdWords. It was called Step Inside AdWords.  The message of the event was no longer about devices but about connecting people to the content they care about most, no matter the device.  The event rolled out many enhancements to AdWords that we can expect now as well as in the near future.

 Get Yourself Connected

How to create PPC spend & click benchmarks by industry

Digital marketers are always looking for ways to contextualize their programs. How are we doing relative to others in our industry? Are we overspending? Underspending? Third-party data has long been one way to find that context, but coming up with meaningful ways to look at that data can be a challenge.

At Kenshoo, we’ve met that challenge by introducing the first in what will be a series of vertical infographics that weave in a few different visualizations of Lighthouse data that help move past just a spreadsheet full of numbers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Kenshoo Industry Spotlight: Financial Services – Insurance


The Search Monitor specializes in providing industry insights for marketers to improve campaign performance and agencies to find (and impress) new clients.

Kudos to Kenshoo for using our industry-level data to create an incredibly informative infographic on advertising trends in Insurance. Because of the high lifetime value of a new insurance client, this industry can afford to spend more on profitable channels like search than can other industries.

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